Jun 24, 2016

Dutch Nomad Family Adventures.

Dubai With Kids

Dutch Nomad Family Adventures. Dubai in the United Arabic Emirates is a fantastic holiday destination. The Dutch Nomad Family visited the Middle East for the first time. Cultural and architectural a whole new experience and we all loved it!
The Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world. Your kids will never forget this one! It is 829 meters high. The elevator brought us to the observation deck on the 124th floor at 456 meters within 1 minute! And when the doors open: Wow, you are on top of the world, the city, teeny tiny cars, the sea and the desert around Dubai. Isis and Thijs were fascinated to see all the construction projects going-on and were amazed that it’s all built on desert sand.
Being at the right time at the right place, in front of the Burj Khalifa at sunset there are spectacular dancing fountains and light show. Illuminated by 6,600 lights and 25 colored projectors, it is 275 meter long and shoots water up to 150 meter into the air accompanied by a range of classical to contemporary Arabic and world music. That was impressive.
The aquarium in the Dubai Mall, the largest mall of the world, was definitely worth the visit. It is really big and there is also an underwater zoo. There was a King Crocodile, weighing a whopping 750 kilograms and measuring over 5m in length. Its head alone is more than 150 kilograms! And we never can get enough of seeing Nemo.
Dutch nomad family
Isis and Thijs also visited the Atlantis Waterpark on the Palm Island. The aquarium is really beautiful. The waterpark is awesome as well but we ran out of time. Palm Island is an experience on it’s own. And the kids remember vividly seeing the only 7 star hotel Burj Al Arab. Tom and Inge spent a full day in the Burj al Arab hotel and that was an absolutely awesome experience on all fronts.
Ski Dubai is and indoor ski center for skiing, snowboarding and a penguin encounter.
It is fantastic for kids to meet the penguins and they are able to feed them. They like fish and that’s what they get at Ski Dubai. There is two types op penguins, the Gentoo and the King penguin. Gentoo penguins are the third largest penguins, with a height of 60 to 75 centimeter. The King penguin is bigger, 94 centimeter. Ski Dubai is fun for the whole family.
In the old part of town, we strolled over the spice souk and gold souk. The quantity of gold and all its formations blew us away. The sellers are very friendly to kids and it’s a great place to buy your souvenirs. And then we made a boat trip over the Dubai Creek to a traditional Arabic restaurant, with sunset over the Creek.
Dutch nomad family

A Gold class (first class) ticket in the Metro allowed us to sit in the first cabin of the metro, with a huge front window to see the whole skyline of Dubai in front of us and passing by as we travelled back from the old part of town to Al Barsha. The metro ride was an experience in itself.
Dubai also has Kidszania, an all time favorite for Isis and Thijs. Children can try around 50 different professions and get trained to use the equipment and to follow the instructions. Whether it’s to be a surgeon, a driver, a pilot or a kitchen chef. Look around for Kidszania in each big city in Asia; the concept is fantastic.
The Dutch Nomad Family had a fantastic time in Dubai.

Jan 11, 2012

I Love You Text Messages for Her

It's amazing how you can speak right to my heart, without saying a word you can light up the dark, try as I may I could never explain what I hear when you don't say a thing. - When You Say Nothing At All, Ronan Keating

If I could be any part of you, I’d be your tear. To be conceived in your heart, born in your eyes, live on your cheeks, and die on your lips. - Unknown


Apr 6, 2010

My First Mickey Mouse

About Me

♥just call me "jean"
♥100% human being..:)
♥a simple
♥a responsible & loving daughter and sister as well.
♥a loyal friend.
♥God Fearing
♥a nice companion
♥understanding & caring
♥very independent
♥been awarded as "Most Talkative"
♥i want to be alone than to have a bad companion.
♥i am not tall but not so short..just a simple cute***wink
♥i'm addict to bookworm and text twist.
♥i do texting whenever i feel alone..
♥i enjoy strolling with my friends..
♥i'm dreamin to have a happy family someday.
♥sometimes i hate "makulit"..(makulit kasi ako)
♥Inner and physical beauty.
♥Brave and fearless
♥Day Dreamer
♥Does not care to control emotions.
♥Treat friends importantly
♥Always making friends

♥i hate fake friends.
♥i hate irresponsible people.
♥i hate being underestimated.
♥i hate MATH.
♥i hate plastic!
♥i hate hypocrite and back fighter.
♥i hate problems..:(
♥i love to eat mango..
♥i love to sleep
♥i love to plant flowers
♥i love to do household chores except cooking.. :(
♥i love talking in a right place and time.
♥i love coffee.
♥i love dress making.
♥i love computer.
♥i love my work..:)
♥i love ESPC
♥i love debates
♥i love my family
♥i love my friends
♥i love reading tagalog romance pocket books.
♥i love you!

Mar 21, 2010

Plastikan Mode Tayo

Sinong nagsimula? sinong nagsimula ng galit dito sa puso ko? haha! kayo!
Kayong itinuring kong pamilya, kayo ang nagsimula nito. Akala nyo kung sino na kayo. Simpleng tagumpay palang yan ngunit feeling mo ang taas mo na. Kahit mamatay ka pa hindi na mawawala ang galit na itinanim mo dito sa puso ko. Galit na Galit ako sayo! hindi ko makakalimutang minaliit, minura at pinagalitan mo ako sa chat kahit WALA akong kasalanan. Ipinamukha mong dapat kang igalang ngunit alam mong HINDI! Hindi kita igagalang kahit kailan. Wala akng pakialam sayo! Hindi ka rin magtatagumpay. Tingnan lang natin!

Kung hindi lang dahil sa utang na loob ko, matagal na kitang pinakulam. hahaha
Go to hell!

Im not prepared to see you again!Anu, plastikan mode tau?

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